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Pityriasis Alba: Patchy Dry Scales On The Skin


This is a skin condition that results in the formation of red and scaly patches.

More frequent in lighter skinned patients but easily noticeable in people with darker complexions. [1]

- Patches may take a few months to completely disappear
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Lab tests and imaging may be required
- Mostly affects children and adults
- More common in males than females
The patches formed are of round, oval or irregular shaped with a color of pale pink or red. As the patches clear up they leave pale marks on the skin surface.
In most cases reported, this skin condition, pityriasis alba goes away by adulthood.


The patches formed are generally dry and scaly. They may also appear on following areas:
- Upper arms
- Face
- Neck
- Chest and
- Back
The patches generally fade from bright red to pale color as the disease progresses.


This condition often doesn’t require treatment. As your patches get scaly and dry, you may want to apply a good moisturizer or some cream and the condition fades away on its own.
Sometimes targeted phototherapy may help.

Medical Intervention:
Your doctor might prescribe a corticosteroid (like hydrocortisone) or a nonsteroidal cream (like pimecrolimus). These may give you some relief from inflamed and itchy skin.

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