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What is Prurigo Simplex condition? All That You Need to Know


Small itchy spots and bumps on the skin caused due to unknown condition

No reliable data exists on the existence of this condition but seems very frequent [1]

- More prevalent among women
- Maybe caused due to underlying conditions
- Medical treatment and intervention required
- May require lab examinations as depending on the case

The condition of dark and itchy spots and bumps on the skin which look like dome-shaped. Scaly and thickened papules may also be there. May also look like blisters. A more common occurrence is near limbs and buttocks but occurs anywhere near the head, trunk, the and neck. May also increase the condition due to distress caused by lack of sleep due to itching.

Ages affected Can occur to any age groups, mostly prevalent in older age groups.


Self diagnosable
Any prolonged condition of dark and itchy spots, bumps or blisters on the skin area should be consulted with health care professional at immediate effect.

People may experience
Pain - constant pain due to irritation in the affected area
Spots - dark spots or lumps, scaly papules in the affected area
Irritation - skin irritation


Self-Care: The above symptoms should be reported to a doctor. Generally requires medical attention for the cure. Hygiene should be maintained in the area.

Medications: Treatment generally includes immune suppressive agents. Medications will be recommended to provide relief from itching and burning. Skin biopsy and blood tests may be recommended to understand any underlying condition.

Specialists: -If any of the above-mentioned symptoms if observed or if prolonging, they should be reported to a medical professional immediately. At mfine, we are here to come up with all required support and information for your total and complete health treatment program.

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