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Premature Grey Hair Treatments in India

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Premature greying: All you need to know about


Greying of the hair at an early age, also known as Premature Greying or Canities.

There are colour producing cells, which stop functioning and producing pigment which causes premature greying of the hair.

- Self diagnosable.
- Can happen to both men and women.
- Mostly starts showing in mid twenties.
- Can be treated with expert help or at home.

Hair turning grey at a very early age is a sign of low self esteem and lack of confidence for those youngsters who suffer from premature greying. Doctors have not exactly found out the exact reason as yet, but they say “Stress is definitely NOT one of the reason for this
Some people have it in their genes while some in their habits; smoking might be.

Ages affected - Between 20 - 30 in Indian men/women


- Deficiency in Vitamin B12
- Copper and iron deficiency
- Protein loss
- Low vitamin D3 levels

Self diagnosable: Hair starts turning grey before 20

One more reason of canities is Smoking! Smoking releases huge amount of reactive oxygen which leads to increased oxidative stress which causes the damage of cells which produces pigments. Another reason might be hereditary.
Some people have it in their DNA and so their hair starts turning grey fast.


Self Care: There are any ways to conceal the grey hair of which some include semi-permanent hair colour, highlights, colour etc.

Professional care: Semi-Permanent hair colour lasts for a short time but it is effective. Highlights are usually a scattered version of hair colour and it surely can be blended with the grey hair.

Permanent hair colour: Permanent colour stays for a long time.

Other than that embrace the grey, be confident.

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