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Scars due to Burns: Symptoms and Treatment


The condition is due to getting affected by touching something hot or boiling.

- A common form of injury due to direct reflection to heating substances
- Can happen to anyone
- May require medications depending on the level of injury
- Can be curable
- Rarely causes complications

Burns are due to damage of tissue on the layer of skin because of heat or radiation or electrical contact. This can be either minor damage or can be a life-threatening emergency. Treatment will depend on the location of injury and the severity of it. Small wounds can be treated at home, whereas deep burns may require medical attention.

Ages affected - Can happen to anyone because of accidents.


Can be self-diagnosable. Depending on the severity of damage, treatment can be given. Situations with heavy and deep burns and scars should be reported to the doctor immediately.

People may experience
Redness - Minor burn may cause redness and pain
Swelling - May swell in the affected area
Blisters - Blisters happen mostly during the second-degree burn
Leathery - Leathery skin is caused when its deep burn, usually a third degree


Self-care: Quick treatment can avoid complications. Soak the affected area in cool water. First aid treatments can be done at home.

Medications: As the situation requires, medications should be taken. Antibiotic treatment and ointments will be advised. Bandages may be recommended if required.

Specialists: In case of deep and severe injuries, it is recommended to contact your medical professional immediately. At mfine, We are here to provide you with complete information and total health program.

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