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Pityrosporum Folliculitis: No Need To Panic


The condition is characterized by the outbreak of acne on the skin due to the yeast, Pityrosporum. The yeast targets the hair follicles and multiplies resulting in breakouts. The acne can also be spotted along the hairline.

The yeast Pityrosporum is the major cause of an unimproved situation even after an antibiotic dose.(1)

- It is diagnosed with a dermoscopy of the skin.
- It can be treated with creams and in some conditions, laser hair removal may be recommended.
- The middle-aged people of around 40 to 45 age are the most affected ones by the condition.

An overgrowth of this yeast results in the Pityrosporum folliculitis. The yeast is present all over the skin of human body and in most cases is harmless.


The following symptoms may be experienced by the affected people:
- Oily skin
- Small red bumps on the skin
- Itchy skin
- Discomfort due to itching
- Pus-filled blisters
- Burning sensation on the skin
- Painful tender skin


- Using a particular shampoo that would help to get rid of the acne along the hairline.
- Using creams, which would kill the yeast.
- Using anti-fungal soap and shampoo.
- Avoid tight-fitting clothes.

On the basis the condition and severity of the problem, the doctors would suggest some of the following treatments:
- Oral antifungal drug
- A combination of a steroid and anti-acne lotions

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