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Pityriasis Alba All you need to know about


Pityriasis Alba is a medical condition in which the there is a presence of red, scaly patches at first and after getting better they leave behind a scar which is usually lighter than the skin around.

Pityriasis Alba is common worldwide with 5% of children developing this disease. It affects children aged between 3 to 16 years and is more prominent in dark skinned individuals. [1]

Pityriasis Alba is:
- Treatable by a medical professional
- May require a medical diagnosis
- Lab tests or imaging may be required
- Can stay for years depending upon the intensity

The actual cause of Pityriasis Alba is not known. However, dermatologists consider it as a mild form of atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema. They are more noticeable during the summer months because the skin gets tanned but the patches do not.


People with this skin disorder usually get round, oval, or irregularly shaped patches which are scaly and dry. These patches appear on the:
- Face
- Upper arms
- Neck
- Chest
- Back
The patches are generally pale pink or red in color. They may fade after several weeks and also clear up within months but they can also last for lifelong in some severe cases.


Self-care: It is usually self-curable. The patches fade away after a point of time, especially after adulthood.

Medication: The doctors may prescribe topical steroid creams or a 1% hydrocortisone cream to be applied on the patches. The patches may return in future so people may need to keep using the creams.

Specialists: Take medical advice in case of severe or other symptoms. mfine will provide with all the needed information related to various medical conditions. But you can also come on board for a holistic treatment.

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