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Pediculosis Human Capitis

What is Pediculosis human capitis?

Pediculosis human capitis is the scientific name for head lice. It is an ectoparasite which feeds on the blood of humans, especially survives on the human skin and does not live inside the body. It is popularly called as the obligate parasite as it entirely depends on other organisms for their survival. Similarly, head lice suck blood from the human body and lives on the host. Pediculosis capitis generally spreads and lives in the hair scalp. There are many differences between male and female lice. The female lice are bigger than the male lice. Typically, the female lice live for about a month and do not fly.

Pediculosis capitis symptoms:

  • The movement for lice is generally crawling that cause an itchy sensation in your head. 
  • Prevalence of head lice can cause symptoms like delayed hair growth
  • In severe cases, it might cause itchy red bumps on the scalp and other parts of the body, a condition known as impetigo


Treatment for Pediculosis capitis:

Following the top commandments of hair care is the first step to preventing and treating head lice. Pediculosis capitis treatment is simple and straight-forward. All you need to do is to wet your hair and scalp. Comb your hair with lice comb to remove the tiny organisms. There is an anti-lice shampoo that can be applied and after some time, you can comb your hair with the shampoo on your head. It is essential to repeat this process for the complete elimination of head lice.


How do lice spread?

Pediculosis capitis multiplies at a rapid pace and lays about 5-10 eggs per day that hatches in about ten days. These head lice feed in about every 6 hours by sucking human blood. However, if there is insufficient or lack of availability of blood, Pediculosis human capitis can still survive for about 4 days. Since the head lice multiply quickly, remedy measures have to be consistent. Moreover, regular washing and cleaning of your hair are necessary for eradicating the head lice.


Lice occurrence is prevalent in children and socially active individuals. It spreads through the head to head contact and sharing of objects like combs, hats, rubber bands and pillows. Lice eggs first develop as nits and later hatches as fully developed head lice. Until then, there aren’t any irritation, but later on, you could develop an itchy head.

When to seek help:

It is vital to clean your pillows, bedsheets and towels. Wash the clothes thoroughly and dry up in the sun. Ensure that your hair and other garments are fresh and dry. Consult with reputed Dermatologists for all queries and suggestions. 



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