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Palmar Peeling Syndrome- Everything to Understand


Focal surfaces of the fingers are affected which cause a painfully dry skin and peeling of the skin.

The cause of keratolysis exfoliativa is unknown. It is thought that for some reason the desmosomes on the corneocytes separate from each other prematurely. No genetic abnormality has been detected to date (2018).[1]

- Requires proper medical attention if detected
- Can happen to anyone
- Condition persists for a long period of time

Palmar peeling syndrome which is also known as the Keratolysis exfoliativa is sometimes harmless during the first instances but can become immensely painful if not treated immediately. The focal surfaces of the fingers are affected the most which leads to painfully dry skin and peeling of the skin. Blisters can also form on the surface of the skin during excessive peeling.

Ages affected - between 20 - 30 years- fewer; between 30 - 40 years- more often; 40 years and above - most often


Symptoms may include excessive dry skin of the sufferer. The palms and the feet can be sore and dry when and can retain the moisture from the skin.

People may experience
Pain areas – Palms, feet
Blisters – Around the feet and the hand region
Layer- Hard layer on the outer appearances of the skin


Self Care: For dry skin, try to use moisturizers to keep the hands and feet moisturized.

Medications: For excessive peeling, chemotherapy drugs can help the skin from inducing anymore damage.

Specialists: For any kind of illness, consult a skin specialist. At mfine, we’re here to help you with different areas of health concerns which can help you stay perfectly fine.

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