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Pachyonychia Congenita: A Rare Skin Condition One Should Know About


A rare and mostly inherited condition of abnormal and thick nails and skin

Unclear on exact number of people diagnosed, but rare condition of around 535 people confirmed according to International PC Research Registry [1]

- Requires medical tests and diagnosis
- May need to go through genetic tests
- No complete cure
- Treating infections is required
- Rare skin condition

A skin condition which may develop painful calluses and blisters on palms of hands and soles of feet. May also affect nails. Bumps around elbows, knees and patches in tongue are also reported. Autosomal dominant disorder of keratinization.

Ages affected Generally begins with first few months of line or up to ten years of age.


Self diagnosable
Generally not self-diagnosed, need medical tests and examinations to confirm the condition. Any symptoms of thickened nails, plantar pain, types of cysts detected should be reported to doctor immediately.

People may experience
Thickening of nails thickened and discolored nails can be found
Thickened skin thickening of skin with blisters in feet and palms
Cysts types of cysts can be found around elbows and knees
Bumps tiny bumps may be found near hair base
Patches patches on tongue in mouth can be noticed


Self-Care: Generally no cure is found for the condition. Treatment is mostly concentrated to relieve from pain. Hygiene practices for grooming such as trimming nails and calluses should be done.

Medications: Any symptoms above should be reported to health care provider. As this can impact quality of life, medicines may be given to seek relief from pain.

Specialists: In case of any symptoms of the skin condition, report to doctor immediately. We at mfine are here to advise and help you with total and holistic health treatment program.

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