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What is Nevus Anemicus?


Presence of an uncommon vascular malformation since birth, which causes hypopigmented patches or lesions on ones body.
NA is a rare congenital lesion that can be more common in the female population.

- Medical diagnosis by a general physician can be enough for confirmation.
- Affects both men and women.
- A skin biopsy might be ordered.

The nevus anemicus patches or lesions are usually round, oval, or linear in appearance. A net-like mosaic form might also appear with anemic blemishes. It is caused due to vasoconstriction as the abnormal blood vessels in the patch are unusually sensitive to adrenaline. Observing the patches under a Woods Lamp will help with the diagnosis. There are chances of it may be associated with other congenital syndromes such as tuberous sclerosis or neurofibromatosis type-1 (NF 1).
Ages Affected Being a congenital disorder, this disease only affects newborns.


Symptoms include presence of hypopigmented lesion or patches on the back or neck at birth. A doctors evaluation is required for confirmation.

People May Experience

Pain severe and unbearable pain in the wrists, hands, and occasionally in the forearms
Weakness weakness in the upper limb resulting in the inability to work
Numbness and Tingling numbness in the wrists and tingling, shock-like sensations radiating to the fingers.


Self-care: To make the patches more aesthetically favorable, one can use cosmetics to cover them up.
Medication: There are no medications or treatments for this disorder as it is benign, subtle, and asymptomatic.

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