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Mycosis- The Fungal Infection


Mycosis is also known as fungal infection. It is a medical condition caused by a fungus.

Many men usually in the age of 50s and 60s are affected by Mycosis than women. [1]

Mycosis is
- Treatable by a medical professional
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Often requires lab tests or imaging
- Resolves within weeks to months

When fungus invades a tissue, it can cause a disease that is confined to the skin and can also spread through the tissue, bones, and other organs, thereby affecting the entire body.


The symptoms of Mycosis completely depend on the affected area. However, the common symptoms include:
- Skin rash
- Vaginal infection
- Darkening of the skin
- Loss of color
- Small bumps
- Itching


Self-care: The best way to prevent Mycosis is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, regular bathing, proper cleaning of private and other body parts. Also, consuming adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and liquids can be preferable ways to counter this disease.

Medication: Doctors may usually prescribe antifungal medicines to curb the spread of fungus to other parts of body. They may also recommend creams or ointments containing mechlorethamine, carmustine, topical steroids, topical rexinoids, and localised injection of drugs. However, it completely depends upon the intensity of the disease.

Specialists: We always advise people to seek medical assistance in severe or unique cases. mfine provides its readers wide range of information related to medical conditions. You can also come on board for a holistic treatment.

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