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Lichen planopilaris: Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment


Lichen planopilaris (LPP) is a skin disease that causes hair loss accompanied by scarring. It causes hair loss in patches due to inflammation the on scalp. It is also commonly known as frontal fibrosing alopecia.

The condition is seen in people from a big age bracket; however, it is precisely more common in young women. [1]

- The diagnosis of the condition is done by a scalp biopsy.
- Front and the lower back portion are said to be the most affected areas of the scalp.

The cause of LPP is not properly known. However, it is thought that lichen planopilaris is caused by an attack of T-lymphocytes resulting in expressing target antigens. LPP is usually progressive but non-contagious in nature. There are three forms of LPP namely – follicular lichen planus, Graham Little syndrome and frontal fibrosing alopecia.


Common symptoms of LPP include
- Hair loss
- Itchy scalp
- Scalp tenderness
- Redness on scalp
- Scaling of scalp
- Appearance of papules
- Blisters (rare)
- Redness on scalp

The diagnosis of LPP is done by biopsy and clinical findings.


The treatment options of LPP depends on the underlying cause, area, and extent to which scalp is damaged and progress of the disease. Treatment aims at slowing down the loss of hair and lessen the symptoms. Relapse is often possible.

- Eat a healthy and balanced diet. There are no known triggers to LPP so far.
- Avoid stressing about hair loss.
- Join a support group for hair loss
- Try wigs, hair fibers, and hairpieces to hide the hair loss problem.


- Steroid cream
- Corticosteroids
- Hair transplant
- Scalp reduction
- Immunosuppressive medication

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