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Lichen nitidus: All you need to be aware of


A skin condition that causes an eruption of tiny, flesh-colored bumps on the surface of your skin.
In two-thirds of the cases, the infection clears on its own without any treatment.

- Curable on it s own without any treatment
- Requires biopsy for diagnosis
- Noninfectious and harmless
- Happens to both men and women

It is caused as a result of abnormal inflammation in skin cells, but what causes the inflammation of skin cells is still unknown. It is a rare condition and hence there has not been sufficient opportunity to study the disease.
Ages Affected: Less than 18 - rare & 19 and above - very rare


Fever, itching around the bumps, and excretion of pus from the bumps
It is a harmless condition and does not affect your health in any manner.


- Following a healthy diet without consuming refined sugar, fats, and junk foods
- Refraining from alcohol and smoking
- Applying crushed garlic on the bumps to negate itching

Medication: Use ointments and antihistamines on the advice of your doctor. Phototherapy can also be used if the condition is prolonging.
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