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What you need to know about lentigines


Lentigines are 0.2-2 cm sized, flat, dark (black, brown, or tan color) spots with a regular/irregular border that occur on the skin.
Almost 90% of fair-skinned people (Caucasians) older than 60 years have such lesions. [1]

- Require medical intervention if the spots change size, shape, or color
- Some cases may require biopsy examination
- More common in older adults and people with fair skin
- Both men and women can get lentigines
- May be benign or malignant

Such spots mostly occur on parts frequently exposed to the sun (e.g., face and back of the hands) and are typically formed because of clusters of pigment cells on the upper layer of the skin. Common causes include sun exposure, radiation therapy, and hereditary factors.


Regular self-examination will help you identify new spots or detect changes in the existing spots.
People may experience:
Skin spots - flat, dark skin spots without itching
Change in the skin appearance - The spots may change color, shape, and size (These are indications that you need to consult a doctor).


While most spots are benign and don- t require medical treatment, it- s advisable to get a medical opinion. Your doctor may suggest a biopsy if the spots have a highly irregular border or change in pigmentation or color.
Protective measures: Avoid exposure to strong sunlight. Always use a strong sunscreen lotion when you are exposed to sunlight, and wear protective clothing and hats to minimize risk.

Treatment may include cryotherapy, lasers, topical agents, bleaching creams, and chemical agents. These medications help in skin lightening.

For any concerning skin spots, consult a dermatologist. In benign cases, the doctor may suggest spot removal for aesthetic reasons, as per patient preference. Our team of specialists at mfine is just a click away!

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