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Keratosis Pilaris - Causes, Symptoms and More


A common skin condition that leads to the formation of acne-like bumps and rough patches on the skin.
About 50-80% people in their adolescent and 40% of the adults get affected with keratosis[1] pilaris.

- Can become chronic and last for several years or lifelong
- Can be prevented
- Is treatable to a great extent
- Can affect both men and women

Keratosis pilaris is a common and harmless skin condition. It causes tiny acne-like bumps and rough patches on the buttocks, thighs, upper arms, and cheeks. It happens when the skin produces too much of keratin. This blocks hair follicles and leads to the growth of these bumps. These bumps usually appear white and don’t itch or hurt. They can be red in color too. They disappear on their own by the age of 30.
Keratosis pilaris can happen at any age but usually affects young children.



Symptoms include the appearance of tiny, painless bumps on the skin, usually on cheeks, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms. Skin becomes excessively dry and thus worsening the condition during dry weather.



Keeping the skin moisturized is very important. Avoid using perfume and products that contain chemicals. It is recommended to pat skin dry after washing.

A dermatologist will recommend moisturizers and over-the-counter creams, after understanding your skin type. Consult a doctor, if the bumps start itching or become painful. Here, at mfine, our experts will examine the skin and recommend the correct line of treatment.

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