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What do red, dry scaly patches on the skin indicate?


The manifestation of an irritant skin rash that develops due to exposure to certain chemicals or products

All forms of dermatitis are caused by particular types of attack by the immune system on the skin. Irritation is different to allergy. [1]

− Medical diagnosis by a general physician is enough.
− It affects both men and women.
− There are no tests possible to diagnose this condition.
− It can be physically painful and discomforting.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis (ICD) is one of the most common skin conditions that develops when a person’s skin comes in contact with toxic materials like detergents, pepper sprays, battery acid, drain cleaners, bleaches, and kerosene. Excessive contact with soap or water can also result in ICD rash manifestation.
Ages affected – No particular age group is more at risk as irritant contact dermatitis is independent of the age factor.


Symptoms include the manifestation of painful ulcers, oozing blisters, peeling of skin, and mild swelling of the face and eyes; hence, getting evaluated by a doctor is important.

People may experience
Skin: Increased photosensitivity, darkened leathery skin, and itching or burning without visible skin lesions.
Pain: Ulcers on the skin cause pain.


Self-care: Avoid scratching the rash. Identify the irritant material. Take short showers/baths and have minimal contact with soaps and detergents.
Medication: In most cases, topical steroids and antibiotics can be helpful.
Specialist: If the condition does not subside, consult a dermatologist. At mfine, modern techniques are used to contain and cure the medical condition of the patients. Contact today for a complete diagnosis!

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