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Hyperpigmentation: Symptoms & Treatment.


Darkening of the skin after an injury; Flat spots of discoloration.

Occurs 90% in women and 10% in males of all racial groups

- Requires appropriate medication or a daily skin routine
- Affects people who have acne
- Can also happen after an injury
- It is curable but it can take a long time to heal

An uneven skin tone on your face or any part of the body is called hyperpigmentation. It is usually a dark patch on the skin which may occur after an injury or acne. Hyperpigmentation after an injury is very common. It can be cured by specialists. They can reduce the dark spots and patches on the skin.

Ages affected- Any age; from an infant to an adult to an elderly person


Discolored patches on the skin caused after injury

People may experience
- Skin inflammation due to a rash or an injury
- More inflammation leads to more discoloration which might increase the size of the inflammation
- Since it can also be caused by acne, picking pimples are proved to worsen it.


Self-care: If there is an injury, it is recommended to take proper care of the skin in order to reduce the possibilities of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Medications: Compounds of Corticosteroids recommended by doctors is advisable.

Specialists: There are dermatological treatments available, such as lasers and chemical peelings can be prescribed by dermatologists. At mfine we provide you with online support and solutions to your medical related queries.

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