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What you need to know about hair fall

Hair fall in men or hair loss in women is a medical condition wherein hair falls out due to unexplained or hereditary reasons from the scalp or across the body.

Hair fall in men and women is a common dilemma that affects all ages and genders. Genetics plays a role in recurring cases of hair fall in the family. Some of the many reasons behind sudden hair loss in women and men are psychological stress, trauma, childbirth, flu, and changes in medications.

  • Affects men, women, and children
  • Requires blood tests, pull test, and a scalp biopsy for diagnosis
  • Risk factor increases with age
  • Best hair loss treatment involves medications and surgery


A common symptom of hair fall and sudden hair loss in women is a change in the appearance of the scalp due to thinning or falling of hair. People also experience:

  • Sudden hair loss due to loosening up of hair follicles
  • Circular spots or appearance of bald patches
  • Hair fall across the body
  • Patchy spots that spread across the scalp

With mfine’s best skin specialists, you can rest assured that you will be on your way to improved hair care and growth.

When do I go to a doctor about hair fall?

If you notice a sudden loss of patches of hair, hair thinning, a receding hairline or unexplained hair loss on any part of your body, it’s best to consult a dermatologist or a hair fall specialist near me and get it treated.

What are the foods that help in controlling hair fall?

Even the best hair loss treatment is ineffective without the right diet. Some of the food items that help prevent hair fall include eggs, berries, spinach, sweet potatoes and avocados.


Self-care: Avoid using harsh chemical products and don't bleach the hair follicles. Use a mild shampoo and soft brush for combing and grooming. Avoid using hot water for your hair as it can remove essential oils from the scalp and lead to miniaturization of hair.

Medication: If your hair loss is due to anaemia, you may try using iron supplements. Your hair fall specialist or dermatologist will recommend you oral contraceptives, anti-androgen drugs, or a hair transplant depending on the results of your diagnosis.

Skin specialists: We understand that sudden hair loss in women and men affects a person emotionally and physically, which is why we at mfine have crafted some of the best hair loss treatment plans for you. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.

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