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Genital Scabies: Everything you need to know


It is a contagious skin condition which is caused when tiny mites hurry inside the skin. This condition causes intense itching, especially during the night.

Sarcoptes scabiei is the microscopic mite which causes scabies. [1]

- Scabies spread very quickly as they are highly contagious.
- They cause intense itching and rashes on the genitals.
- Scabies usually spreads through skin contact.
- The risk factor for scabies increases if your partner is already carrying the disease.

This condition is very common, especially among men. Red bumps or rashes can be found on the skin. This is the body's allergic reaction to the mites which are burrowing in your skin, tracks can also be seen on the skin where the mites bury themselves.
Genital scabies can cause intense itchiness and this is the primary symptom of scabies. They also cause pimple-like bumps around the penis. The rashes start to appear after the fourth week of infestation.

People may experience:
Extreme itchiness during the night. This itchiness leads to scratching which in turn leads to other skin infections. Genital scabies if left unchecked will spread to various parts in the body and can cause other chronic skin diseases.


Self- care: avoid contact with people who are carrying scabies and take hot showers on a daily basis.

Antihistamine medication which helps to control the itching. Doctors might suggest an ointment to keep the rashes and itching in check.

A general physician is a good choice for this condition. At mfine, we are always there to provide you with the best possible methods and treatment and make you a completely recovered one again.

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