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Troubled with excessive sweating: What is Focal Hyperhidrosis?


The condition of excessive sweating is localized to specific parts of the body especially in palms, feet and underarms.

About 30-50% of people that have this condition have a family history of excessive sweating. [1]

➢ Starts in adolescence or young childhood
➢ Affects quality of life
➢ Can cause social anxiety
➢ It is of Primary and Secondary type

It is generally hereditary but can happen to anyone. If sweating occurs in feet, palms, face, etc. then it is primary focal hyperhidrosis. If the sweating is due to medical condition, it is secondary focal hyperhidrosis.

Ages affected -
Between 12 - 20 years - most often
Ages 20 - 40 - often
Ages 40 and above - less often


Self-diagnosable, include excessive sweating all over the body or in a particular area.

People may experience
● Over sweating in palms, feet and underarms
● Infection or skin disease
● Emotional stress and social withdrawal
● Weight Loss


Self-care: Wear shoes and socks which are made from natural material. Bath daily to get rid of the body bacteria.

Medication: Over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirants can be used on the affected area. Using anticholinergic drugs at the prescription of your doctor can provide relief for generalized sweating.

Specialists: Surgery is done to remove sweat glands. Book an appointment with mfine for a wide array of effective treatment for any kind of health disorder.

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