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Female pattern baldness: All you need to know about


Hair-loss condition in a well-defined pattern in women.

Around 30 million women are affected by this pattern of hair loss in the United States. [1]

Also called- androgenetic alopecia

- Common pattern of hair loss on females
- Common after menopause
- Diagnosis is done on clinical background
- Rarely recedes to total baldness like in men
- Long-term and not reversible

Female pattern baldness/hair loss (FPHL) is different from male and typically affects the top and front of the scalp primarily causing thinning of hair. It affects women of any age group where postmenopausal women are at high risk. Causes are hereditary, changes in hormones, aging.


Typically includes hair thinning and loss of hair at the top and front of the head.


Self-care: Pre-baldness, people should enrich diet with protein, increase in vitamin, use only natural hair products and use soft cloth and comb. Also protecting scalp from sunlight, wearing wigs or hats while going out, covering bald patches will minimize effect.

Medications: Finasteride, flutamide, dutasteride, Spironolactone, cyproterone acetate, cimetidine (on doctor’s prescription). Clinical treatment includes medicines, plasma therapy, hair transplant.

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