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What Are Erythematous Scars?


Hyperpigmented flat/deep reddish pink marks after inflammatory or cystic acne.

To distinguish post-inflammatory erythematous(PIE) scars from other skin conditions, apply pressure on them to see if they disappear. #1

- Treatable by medical professionals
- Self-diagnosable
- Lab tests and imaging aren’t required
- Medium term: can heal in 3-12 months

These ‘scars’ are caused when blood capillaries under the skin get injured and blood rushes to the wound. This can be triggered by acne, disturbed pimples, cuts, chemical-burns, sun-burns, or harsh over-exfoliation.

Ages affected: 11-30 years - most affected; other ages - moderately affected


All inflammatory acne are not the same, PIE scars are not to be confused with other types.

People may notice
Marks: Reddish pink, could be deep or flat
Disappearance of marks: on applying pressure.
Irritation: over the scars
Affected areas: Mostly on face, possibly on upper arms, back or chest.


Self-care: Avoid using skin products with sulfates, high pH levels, alcohol and other astringents. Don’t pick or pop any scars or pimples. Protect your skin from sun, and use products with Vitamin C, retinoids, and AHA’s or BHA’s.

Medications: Topical preparations containing brimonidine, azelaic acid, as well as oral nicotinamide can help reduce erythematous scars.

Specialists: Microneedling is also an effective and less invasive technique. mfine is there to help you identify your symptoms and connect to the best doctors instantly, reach us to let us take care.

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