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All about Darkened Lips


Lip darkening (Pigmented lips) is characterized by lip discoloration and unnatural darkening of the lips. Black spots may also appear on the lips.

People who smoke and consume tobacco are highly predisposed to developing lip pigmentation.[1]

- Usually self-treatable
- No lab tests required
- Easily treatable

Darkening of the lips is usually a result of the following conditions:
- Excessive exposure to the sun
- Lack of hydration
- Cigarette smoking
- Allergic reaction to lip products
- Too much caffeine
- Lip sucking
- Chemotherapy
- Anemia
- Vitamin deficiency
- Pregnancy

Ages affected:
It is usually seen in adult men and women. It can also affect teenagers.


The following symptoms are usually seen:
- Rough and dry lips
- Black spots on lips
- Rusty or flaky lip texture


The following home remedies can help to eliminate black spots on the lips:
- Application of honey, glycerin or turmeric on darkened lips
- Use SPF protected lip balms
- Eat a well-balanced diet
- Drink plenty of water

The dermatologists usually prescribe one of these treatments to deal with darkened lips
- Retinol acid creams
- Laser therapy

To ensure correct treatment of darkened lips, it is best recommended to visit a dermatologist for appropriate treatment. We at mfine have the best specialists who provide a holistic treatment plan to resolve all health issues. Get in touch with us to get the best diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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