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Dandruff: Causes and Treatment


Dandruff are those white flakes of skin on the scalp which are not only embarrassing but can cause enough discomfort and itching as well.

Dandruff is known to affect almost 50% of the people.

- Not many know this, but dandruff can affect eyebrows, eyelids, belly button, groin, armpits, too.
- It is a kind of skin problem or dermatitis called as seborrhea.
- It can affect people across all ages, including young children.
- It may also cause hair-fall.


The signs and symptoms of seborrhea can be very obvious such as:
- Dry skin, which worsens during a dry and cold weather
- Flaky skin on chest and other body parts
- Redness
- Temporary hair-loss
- Some areas of the scalp appear to be too oily and greasy, indicating seborrhea


Self-Care: Fortunately, dandruff can be treated with some easily available things at home.
- Shampooing: shampooing everyday can really be very helpful in treating dandruff. There are various kinds of anti-dandruff shampoos available in the market. One can choose by keeping in mind the requirement of his condition.
- Tea-Tree Oil: Tea tree oil can treat a variety of skin problems including dandruff.
- Use of Coconut Oil: Prevents drying up of skin of scalp.
- Aloe-Vera application: Aloe vera is again a great source of moisture which can help prevent dandruff.

In some extreme cases of dandruff, doctors may suggest some medications.

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