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Comedones: Here is what you should know


Comedones are white or black colored bumps that appear on the face generally as a result of the outbreak of acne. However, there might be other causes too for its appearance.

Comedones usually affect people who are over the age of forty, mostly in their 60’s or 80’s. In teenagers and people below the age of 40, they are usually acne.(1)

- Self-diagnosed
- Treatment options available
- Laboratory tests and imaging rarely required
- Time taken to resolve depends on the severity of symptoms

Open comedones are known as blackheads, and closed comedones are known as whiteheads. Comedones are caused by cornification cells present along the line of the sebaceous duct.


Black or white colored bumps.
A solid core may be noticed in the middle area of the bump.
May or may not appear after acne.
Other than the face can be seen in the neck and back area too.


Self-care: Choosing cosmetics that are oil-free. Washing face twice daily with mild soap. Avoid smoking. Maintain a healthy diet. Avoid pricking the bumps.

Medications: Various antibiotics, ointments, steroids, and oral contraceptives may be prescribed by the doctor.

Specialists: In many cases, if the condition is severe doctors may recommend various surgical procedures such as microdermabrasion or electrosurgery. For any other queries, you may consult a dermatologist. You may consider consulting at mfine, as it offers holistic treatment plans for optimum health.

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