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Chronic dermatitis: All you can do


It is a prolonged irritable area due to chronic eczema

In the United States, around 18 million adults face chronic dermatitis [1].

- It can be treated by a medical practitioner
- It usually begins at infancy but can happen to anyone
- It might improve and then come back again
- Soap, rough cloth, household chemicals, etc make the rash more irritated.

A doctor must be consulted if the dermatitis is interfering in your daily routine and self-care is not helping in the reduction of the pain in the skin.


People can experience:
- A red, itchy rash
- Common areas of rash include inside the elbows, behind the knees and the front of the neck
- If scratched, a fluid might leak
- Scratching the region can cause it to thicken and redden
- Scratching can also create infected wounds


Self Care: Application of creams to moisturize and lubricate the skin

Medications: Steroid creams, antibiotics, and ointments can help with the chronic rash

Specialists: To manage the symptoms of chronic dermatitis, it is important to mfine caters to different areas of health issues and the perfect course of treatment can be chosen according to your requirements.

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