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Chloasma: A Quick Glance


Chloasma is a skin condition that occurs during pregnancy in some cases, resulting in hypermelanosis of the areas exposed to sunlight.

50-70% of women get affected by chloasma of the body parts which are exposed to sun during their pregnancy.[1]

- It is also known as melasma.
- It is called as “Mask of Pregnancy as it occurs during pregnancy.
- Any discomfort or irritation is not reported so far.


People may experience
- Discoloration of skin
- Brownish patches mostly observed on
- Cheeks
- Nose bridge
- Forehead
- Chin
- Neck
- Forearms
Although no sort of discomfort or irritation is caused due to the patches, they can certainly make one conscious of their appearance.
- The origin of the discoloration is not known but increased levels of hormones Estrogen and Progesterone in pregnancy can lead to chloasma.
- Post-menopausal women under the medication of progesterone have also reported to have developed chloasma.


- Using hats or caps to cover and protect from direct sunlight
- Applying broad spectrum sunblock cream
- Use of Hydroquinone, which is a great depigmenting agent

As it is difficult to cure chloasma, it is imperative to see a dermatologist as soon as the early symptoms are spotted.
In some cases, it disappears on its own and in some, the creams work well to lighten the patches.
There are other measures for extreme cases:
- Chemical peel
- Dermabrasion
- Microdermabrasion

Specialists: One certainly needs to see a derma expert when faced with chloasma, and we at mfine see you through the process of healing chloasma and making you feel better. Get in touch to enroll in a treatment session.

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