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Basic Causes for Your Hyperpigmentation of Lip


Caused by underlying blood vessels, which are present in three layers of the lips.
If the body is deficient in these vitamins, the skin may change. Dark spots or colouration on the lips or an uneven skin tone can indicate a vitamin deficiency.

- Can happen to anyone and at any age
- Causes are mainly due to acute seasonal changes
- Common form of trouble
- Colour change may range from pink to brown

Hyperpigmentation of lips occurs due to the underlying blood vessels, which are present in three layers of the lips called the multiple cellular layers. More delicate issues can cause this condition to rise and affect almost everyone in their lifetime. Discoloured lips or hyperpigmentation can also be caused by over intake of foods and drinks or formation of a poor dietary system. Lips that are blue in colour show signs of less oxygen being induced by the body.
Ages affected - More often: between 20-30 years; Fewer: between 40-50 years


Symptoms may include general fatigue in the entire body and the natural inability to move from places. Also the different colour changes shows different causes and effects of lip pigmentation.
People may experience:
Chapped lips Dried lips almost all the time.
Frostbites These can be caused easily due to the intake of less nutrients in the body.
Spottings May include different pattern formation in the lip region.


Self-care: For better colouring of the lips, try to consume less alcohol or harmful smokes that can dry the lips and cause a black coloured pigmentation.
Medications: For healthy and plump lips, application of lip cream that contains healing agents can work.
Specialists: For persistent causes and symptoms, consult a specialist for better help. At mfine, we are here to make sure that your problem is solved with our team of professionals and experts.

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