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Acneiform Eruptions- Here’s all you need to know


Acneiform Eruptions occur when the nodes of the pustules are filled with lesion-like substances.

Infections caused by these organisms could lead to acneiform eruptions: Proteus, Klebsiella, Escherichia coli, and Enterobacter.

  • Requires proper medical diagnosis
  • It can occur in any age group
  • Can be extremely painful if not treated
  • Needs physical examination

Acneiform eruptions are acne-like eruptions that appear when the pustules’ nodes are filled with a lesion-like substances. The physical location is outside, similar to that of acne vulgaris. It can occur in any age group and mostly appears in girls during the onset of their puberty. This happens mostly due to hormonal imbalances caused in the body.

Ages affected - 20-30 years: More Often; 30-40 years: Often; 40+ years: Few


Symptoms mostly include harmful eruptions on the facial region. The blisters formed on the face can be extremely painful and produce yellowish pus when they dry up.

People may experience

  • Areas of pain– Face, shoulders, head
  • Pus discharge – When the blisters swell up and ultimately dry
  • Swelling – The blisters can be painful and swollen
  • Skin issues - Unexplained redness, swelling, irritation, rash


Self-care: For lesions on the face, make sure that you wash your face twice a day. Frequent washing and keeping the face clean can produce better results. It is however important to ensure that the skin doesn’t become excessively dry in the process.

Medications: For painful swelling, topical gels can help reduce the swelling and treat the infection.

Specialists: For complications or worsening symptoms, consult a skin specialist.
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