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Unusual redness and bumps on skin? Here are the significant things you need to know.


A very common skin condition that causes redness and pus-filled bumps on the face.

Over 20% of the people with acne rosacea develop ocular rosacea, a form of rosacea that affects the eye.

  • Usually self treatable
  • Can be found in both men and women
  • Most common among people with fair skin
  • Indicates a chronic condition

It appears in young adulthood with signs of redness in the face and later aggravates during middle age. There is no permanent cure for this condition; however, there are treatments to prevent the condition from becoming worse and spreading across the whole body.

Ages Affected: It can happen to anyone but occurs most commonly among people who are thirty or older.


Symptoms include flushing of face and formation of papules, pistulus, and nodules in the skin.

People may experience

  • Redness of skin in affected areas
  • Formation of pimples with pus and rashes
  • Presence of dilated blood vessels
  • Small lumps and thickening of the skin


Self-Care: Avoid exposure to excessive heat or direct exposure to the sun. It is advisable to stop consuming alcohol.

Medication: Topical creams, ointments, and gels can be used as advised by your doctor.

Specialist: It is important to consult a dermatologist in case your acne rosacea is prolonged or worsened.
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