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Acanthosis Nigricans is prevalent among both men and women. It develops in neck, armpits, and groin. Only the trained eyes of a dermatologist will be able to detect this skin disease. Several acanthosis nigricans treatment avenues are open for patients.

Acanthosis Nigricans Symptoms

Discoloration – Skin discoloration tops the list of acanthosis nigricans symptoms. Patients see significant skin darkening.

Thickness – With time, the affected skin becomes thick. As it becomes thicker, the dark patch also increases.

Foul smell – Some patients also complain of a bad smell. The affected part emits a vulgar scent.

Itching – If the condition intensifies, then the skin will start to itch.

Acanthosis Nigricans Causes

Here are some acanthosis nigricans causes:

Hormonal imbalance – A dermatologist will highlight that people with hormonal imbalance will tend to suffer from this condition.

Insulin intolerance – Some people suffer from insulin resistance. It is one of the probable causes of this skin disorder.

Medicine side-effects – Medicinal side-effects is another potential cause.

Cancer – Sometimes, these dark patches indicate the presence of skin cancer.

Diagnosing Acanthosis Nigricans

A dermatologist will be able to detect the issues with visual examination. A specialist on mfine may suggest some blood tests to determine the hormone levels.

Other Disorders and Acanthosis Nigricans

This skin disorder will not lead to your death. But it will reduce the beauty of your skin. Women and young girls often suffer from low self-esteem. Some even develop depression. If the skin itches too much, then it can pave the path for other skin infections.

Treating Acanthosis Nigricans

An acanthosis nigricans specialist will prescribe pills to control the pigmentation. The expert will also ask obese patients to reduce body weight. If all else fails, the doctors will suggest surgery. Laser treatment will also come in handy to remove the pigmentation.

Find Acanthosis Nigricans Specialists at mfine

If you are new in the city, then check out mfine as soon as possible. Apart from acanthosis nigricans doctors near you, you will also get information about good hospitals in your area. The platform only offers information. The patients have to take the final decision.

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