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Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne is a condition where dark spots get formed after an inflammatory wound such as a pimple.

Most of the times, acne scars are mistaken for PIH. Acne scars are chronic in nature. [1]

- More common in teenagers and adults.
- Most of the times, the marks disappear after some time as this hyperpigmentation does not
damage the follicle.
- Common in both men and women.
- Lab tests and imaging are not required to diagnose it.

The discoloration of the skin may range from pink to red and sometimes even brown or black depending on the skin tone.
When an inflamed wound or a pimple heals, the skin in the region flattens and heals. A pigment called melanin helps in the healing but when produced in excess, it leads to the formation of darkened flat areas(called macules).


Self - diagnosable
- There isn’t much of a symptom except for a swollen pimple which may result in a spot when
it heals or when it is popped or pinched.
- The greater the inflammation, the larger and darker the spots are.
- People with dark complexion are more prone to this condition.


Generally, PIH fades away with time and without any treatment.
Sometimes, it may also take months. In such cases, there are various treatments available which lighten the spots.


There are many OTC products that can help lighten the spots.
Consult a dermatologist if the condition is chronic.

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