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All you need to know Stable Angina


Stable angina, also popular as angina pectoris, is the most well-known kind of angina. It is a foreseeable pattern of chest pain where you can track the pattern of the pain on your chest. Tracking stable angina can help you to deal with your indications more effectively.

Despite the fact that stable angina is less severe than unstable angina, it might very well be painful and uncomfortable. [1]

- Requires medical diagnosis
- Can be treated and controlled

Angina is a health condition where chest pain arises due to decreased blood flow to the heart. The absence of blood flow implies that your heart muscles are not getting enough oxygen. The pain is regularly activated by physical movement or emotional pressure.

The two kinds of angina are general indications of a fundamental heart condition, therefore, it is essential to see a specialist when you experience these symptoms.
Stable angina happens when the heart muscle doesn't get the oxygen it needs to work appropriately. The heart works harder when you exercise or experience emotional stress.


- Shortness of breath
- Nausea
- Fatigue
- Dizziness
- Anxiety


Self-care: Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet helps.

Medication: The doctor may prescribe blood-thinning medications to prevent blood clots and nitroglycerin to relieve pain.

Specialists: The specialist may conduct tests like angiography, electrocardiogram to diagnose stable angina.
After diagnosis, surgery known as angioplasty helps.
For other concerns, consult a cardiologist.
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