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Nonrheumatic AS: An Overview


Valve of the main artery (aorta) narrows and doesnt open properly.

Many people with aortic stenosis dont notice symptoms until the blood flow significantly reduces.

- Treatable by medical professionals
- Medically diagnosed
- Lab tests or imaging are always needed
- Chronic: lasts for years or for life

Nonrheumatic AS is caused by two conditions: calcium deposits on the valve, which is observed in elders; or when there are two instead of three cusps in the valve, which isnt reflected for a long time after birth. Both conditions stiffen the valve and the blood flow into arteries is restricted.

Ages affected - Most affected: age group 60+ years; Largely affected: 41-60 years; Moderately affected: 19-40 years; Least affected: 0-18 years


Medically diagnosable

Sometimes the symptoms might not be complained of, but a doctor must be consulted if the patients activities are declining.

People might experience:
- Breathlessness during exercises
- Chest pain with a feeling of tightness
- Syncope: dizziness, fainting during activities
- Palpitations: increased, pounding heartbeats
- Heart murmur: an abnormal heart sound (through stethoscope)


Self-care: Eat a healthy diet, lose weight if youre obese, and quit smoking. Undertake regular physical activities and manage stress.

Medications: For blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythm, only help keeping heart healthy.

Specialists: Valve repair surgery is done by separating fused valve flaps. Aortic valve replacement surgery is done with a mechanical valve or animal-tissue-made valve. Balloon valvuloplasty is an option for children. mfine specializes in cardiology and provides you with unlimited follow-ups. So take the hand weve extended to help you.q

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