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Non-specific chest pain: Diagnosis and Treatme


Acute pain in the chest that persists for long periods.

Approximately 1% of all ambulatory visits in the primary care setting are for chest

- This condition requires medical consultation if the pain is unexplainably intense.
- It requires Electrocardiogram (ECG), Blood tests, Chest X-ray and Computerized Tomography (CT Scan), Echocardiogram, Stress Tests and Angiogram.
- Occurs in men as well as women. However, women are more prone to non-specific chest pain than men.
- This condition can be acute as well as chronic.

Non-specific chest pain may be in the form of a sharp stab or a dull, acute pain. It may feel like squeezing or even burning. In some cases, the pain may exceed to the neck and also reach the arms. You need to consult a doctor if the condition persists. The chest pain may involve the heart or the lungs. However, there is no way that an individual can distinguish between a cardiac chest pain or a non-cardiac chest pain on his own.

Ages affected: between 20-80. It occurs most often in senior men and women.


People may experience
- Pain areas: Neck, back, chest, jaw shoulders, and even the arms
- Chest issues: Tightness, burning or intense pressure in the chest
- Health issues: Vomiting or nausea, weakness, dizziness, cold sweats, and difficulty in breathing
- Taste: A bitter or sour taste or a feeling of food re-entering your mouth


Self-care: You can use regular medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

Medications: Medications will largely depend on the cause of the chest pain. The medicines for non-specific chest pain may include Thrombolytic drugs, blood thinners, antidepressants, and acid-suppressing medications.

Specialists: If you experience severe chest pain, contact a physician, a pulmonologist or a cardiologist. At Mfine, we will provide you with affordable healthcare. Contact us for effective treatment of all your health concerns.

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