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Can heart attacks be prevented?


A condition causes a sudden cut-off of blood supply from the heart, triggering a heart attack, causing tissue damage.

There are about 27,000 registered cases of myocardial infarction that occurs annually in the united states alone. [1]

- Needs medical assistance.
- Labs tests should be carried out.
- Can be acute and chronic.
- Affects both men and women at a later stage in life.

Also known as heart attack, myocardial infarction is a condition in which the blood flow to the heart is shut down due to some reason. This causes the heart to stop beating for a fraction of a second. This might be due to high cholesterol and also because diabetes might be on the higher side. Even obesity plays a significant role in the occurrence of a heart attack.


- The pressure in the chest There is an acute sensation of pain and pressure felt in the chest that at times comes and goes away.
- Weakness There is adverse vomiting along with nausea and sweating.
- Fast heartbeat The heart starts to be faster causing dizziness and also anxiety attacks as well.


- Self-care Try to have a balanced diet and also exercise on a regular basis to keep the heart healthy and fine.

- Medication Intake of blood thinners and thrombolytics is essential to keep the consistency of

- Specialist Visit a heart specialist in case you have any heart-related problems. At mfine, we tend to adhere to the problem by giving you top-notch treatment and setting you back on track with your life in no time.

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