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Drugs That Can Cause Tachycardi


Tachycardia is a condition when the heart beats faster than normal rate.

A person having tachycardia can have heartbeat upto 400 times per minute. [1]

- This is not contagious.
- Lab test is required to diagnose Tachycardia.
- It is mostly chronic in nature.
- Can happen to both male and female.

If your heart beats more than 100 times in a minute than it can be Tachycardia. The normal heart rate of a person is between 60 to 100 times per minute. Tachycardia is a part of Arrhythmias (a condition with an abnormal heartbeat). It can also happen due to the intake of several drugs like some asthma medicines, few OTC cold and cough drugs etc.

Age affected:
It happens mostly in the elderly people. The chances of teens getting irregular heartbeat are rare.


- Pain in the chest
- Fast beating heart
- Feeling dizzy
- Sweating and short breaths.
- Fainting and occasional seizures.


Self care:
- If at any point you feel that your heartbeat is increasing, then the first thing you should do is to rest for a while.
- Reduce the consumption of caffeine and alcohol.
- Say no to smoking and yes to exercise.

When consulting with doctor, tell him/her about the symptoms and any medicines that you take. The change in the medicines can solve the problem, if not then there are various treatments for tachycardia.

Medications and cure preferred by the specialists:

Medications that are prescribed:
- To treat irregular heartbeat some anti-arrhythmic are prescribed.
- Other than this drugs namely calcium channel blockers and beta blockers are sometimes suggested.
- People with blood clots are told to take blood-thinning medication.

Other ways:

- Catheter Ablation - Without harming other parts of your heart, the tissue which is causing fast heartbeat is destroyed.
- Pacemaker - A device is implanted under your skin through surgery which emits an electric pulse to control your heartbeat.
- Vagal Maneuvers - Where you yourself perform an action, to control fast heartbeat like coughing.

Specialists: For required prescriptions, prevention and overall treatment for any heart-related disease, visit mfine and get the best cure.

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