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SBL Stramonium Dilution 30 CH

Prescription for: Personal Health

MindLoquacious, laughing, singing, swearing, praying, rhyming, Sees ghosts, hears voices, talks with spirits. Rapid changes from joy to sadness. Delusions about his identity; thinks himself tall. double, a part missing. Cannot bear solitude or darkness; must have light and company. A sight of water or anything glittering brings on spasms. HeadRaises head frequently from the pillow. Pain in forehead and over eyebrows. beginning at 9 am. worse until noon. Boring pain, preceded by obscure vision.

EyesSeem prominent. staring wide openLoss of vision; complains that it is dark. and calls for light. Small objects look large. All objects look black, MouthDry, dribbling of viscid saliva, Aversion to water, Stammering, Cannot swallow on account of spasm, Chewing motion, Stomach Food tastes like straw, Violent thirst, Vomiting of mucus and green bile. Urine Suppression, bladder empty, Male Sexual erethism. with indecent speech and action. Hands constantly kept on genitals.

Female Metrorrhagia. with loquacity, singing, praying, Convulsions after labor, Sleep Awaken terrified; screams with fright, Deep snoring sleep, Sleepy, but cannot sleep. Extremities Graceful. rhythmic motions. Convulsions of upper extremities and of isolated groups of muscles. Chorea; spasms partial, constantly changing, Violent pain in left hip, Trembling. twitching of tendons. staggering gait.

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