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REPL Dr. Advice No.9 Allergy Drop

Prescription for: Personal Health

Indication: Itching blotchus. Urticaria. burning heat. with formication. Voilent itching. Consequences of suppressed nettlerash. Burn confined to skin. Each 5 ml. Contains Tuberculin  – 200X 0.05 ml Sulphur  – 6X 0.20 ml Psorinum  – 30X 0.25 ml Fragaria  – Q 0.50 ml Urtica Uren – Q 2.00 ml Nat Mure  – 30X 0.75 ml Argent Nit  – 6  1.25 ml Mode of Action:   Tuberculinum 200x: Chronic urticaria. itching intense worse at night.   Sulphur 6x: Kick off the bed clothes impossible to keep body covered at night. Sulpher reddens orifices in a  way common to no other remedy.   Psorinum 30x: Rash above eye brow & on chest. Red on external throat beginning with   Fragaria Q: Petechical eruption. Urticaria like eruption.   Urtica Urens Q: She looked as if she had fallen. stripped. into a bed of nettles not an inch free weals.  Urticarical swellings for 3 years.   Natrum Muriaticum 30x: Netle rash after violent exericise (itching) tetlers.   Argentum Nitricum 6x: Irregular blotches. Drawing in skin as from a spider web.   Use under medical supervision.

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