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Dichorionic diamniotic (DCDA) twin pregnancies – All you need to know


A dichorionic diamniotic (DCDA) twin pregnancy occurs when both the babies possess their respective amniotic and chorionic pouches.
Around three-fourths of all twin pregnancies encountered fall into the category of DCDA pregnancies. [1]
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Is just a characteristic, doesn’t need any treatment
- Lab tests or ultrasound imaging often required
- Medium-term: condition lasts until the end of the gestational period
DCDA pregnancies are usually dependent on chance than particular factors. This type of pregnancy is differentiated from other types by the presence of two distinct gestational bags.
Ages affected: Between 0 and 25: Less often; Between 25 and 50: Predominant; 50 and above: Rare


Requires a medical diagnosis
Symptoms include a faster weight gain of the mother, acute morning sickness, higher-than-normal fatigue, hunger pangs, continual fetal movement, etc.

People may experience
Body changes – weight gain, increased fatigue, hunger pangs
Continual fetal movement
High blood pressure
Fast heartbeat
Occasional breathing problems


Expecting mothers are advised to take extreme care of themselves and their babies, this can be done by ensuring she doesn’t take much stress, eats only healthy food, abstains from alcohol or cigarettes, doesn’t perform physically intensive activities, etc.

Soon-to-be mothers are prescribed various medications depending on the condition which they may suffer from, for instance, antihistamines for most allergies, skin ointments for rashes, etc.

Pregnancy can be a very trying time for expecting mothers, but with adequate moral support and help from the right people and professionals, the process becomes easy. OB / GYN and radiologists at the mfine (www.mfine.co) platform are available 24/7 for any help or suggestions. Trust us; we won’t disappoint you!

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