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Causes of K/c/o PCOD


Poly-cysts in the ovary that produces eggs and the hormones of estrogen.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal condition that affects 10 percent of reproductive-age women. (1)

- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Lab tests or imaging often required.
- Chronic and can last for years
- Treatment can help to recover but condition cannot be cured

K/c/o PCOD can be known as the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which is a common hormonal disorder that occurs to women at any age (mostly in their prime time). Common to all women have been reported with K/c/o PCOD is subjected to irregularity in the menstrual cycle and the presence of excess male hormones which are known as the androgens.

Ages affected - between 20 - 30 - Often; between 30 - 40 - more often; 40 and above - most often


Symptoms may include disruptions in the menstrual cycle that begins with the onset of puberty. An increase in the production of androgens can lead to facial hair or hair around the nipples, chin or lower abdomen.

People may experience
Pain areas – Lower abdomen around the side of the ovaries
Increase in hair formation – in the face and the other parts of the body
Acne – Acne can form in the facial regions or often in other parts
Irregular menstrual cycle – that can be caused with the causes of K/c/o PCOD


Self Care: For acne or facial hair growth, applying homemade methods and other treatments can be really helpful.

Medications: For pain in the region of the lower abdomen, anti-diabetic medication or hormone hair inhibitor can really help.

Specialists: For other kinds, consult a gynecologist. We at mfine are here for your service and all your health related problems that can be solved by us.

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