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Female reproductive system is rather complex. Delayed start of menstrual cycle is not uncommon. If it does not start even at the age of 16, then it points towards amenorrhea. The patient may or may not have breast development. A quick consultation with a gynecologist, and proper amenorrhea treatment will fix the situation.

Amenorrhea Symptoms

Peculiar hair growth – Excessive hair growth is another indicator of amenorrhea. Girls experience male pattern hair growth.

Breast milk production – If the young girl produces breast milk, without the onset of menstrual cycle, then it is another sign.

Anxiety and depression – Excessive anxiety and depression are two significant amenorrhea symptoms.

Vaginal dryness – If the teenager experiences vaginal dryness, then it is another symptom of amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea Causes

These are some amenorrhea causes that you need to know:

Craniopharyngioma – Presence of a brain tumor can also delay the start of normal menstrual cycle.

Kallmann syndrome – Low levels of gonadotropins hormone causes Kallmann syndrome. This is another cause of amenorrhea.

Nutritional shortage – Lack of adequate nutrition is another cause of this disorder.

Dysfunction of pituitary gland – If the pituitary gland does not function properly, then the young girl can develop amenorrhea.

Diagnosing Amenorrhea

A reputed gynecologist on mfine will suggest blood tests to unearth the actual cause. Ultra sound tests of the abdomen will also come in handy. Apart from this, uterus tissue sample examinations will offer detailed information for better diagnosis.

Other Disorders and Amenorrhea

A female will not be able to conceive if amenorrhea persists. It will pave the path for other complications. It can also trigger the tumor development in the uterus.  Other complications involve excessive pelvic pain.

Treating Amenorrhea

A reputed amenorrhea specialist will prescribe pills, which correct the hormonal imbalance. Most experts on mfine will opt for PCOS preventive medicines. Scar tissue removal surgery is another alternative. A gynecologist will opt for pituitary tumor removal with surgery, if need arises.

Find Amenorrhea Specialists at mfine

With mfine by your side, finding the right amenorrhea doctors near you will become easy. Here, you will find several profiles of top doctors. They will detect the root cause, and offer correct solution.

The doctors, listed on mfine, will ensure your health and wellbeing.

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