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Polyuria: Everything To Know


Excessive volume of urination is referred to as polyuria.

About 1 in 20 people in United Kingdom are affected by diabetes mellitus and is the common cause of polyuria in children and adults. [1]

- Requires medical treatment
- Lab tests or image testing are done for diagnosis
- Can happen to men, women and children

In polyuria, you urinate more than normal i.e. more than 2.5 liters per day. When you urinate frequently at night, it is called nocturnal polyuria (or nocturia). The causes includes bladder infection, kidney failure, stones, urinary incontinence, diabetes, certain kind of cancer and enlarged prostate.

Age affected: Can affect people of any age.


- Feel thirsty
- Wake up often at night
- Also, fever, back pain, night sweats, weight loss and leg weakness


Self-care: You should reduce consumption of fluids you drink, especially alcohol and caffeine.

Your doctor may prescribe you with medicines in case, you have polyuria because of diabetes.

For other kins, you may consult with a doctor or physician. You can come on board at mfine to treat yourself with the best doctor with a holistic treatment program.

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