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Premature Grey Hair Treatments in India

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Canities: Everything to know


Hair graying due to the process of chronological aging that occurs at any time

The average age of onset of Canities is 40s and any time before that is called as Premature Greying of hair i.e. Canities Praecox. [1]

Lab tests and imaging are required.
This condition is mostly dominant in males.
Skin can also be affected.
It can last for a very long time.

Canities can be described as the premature graying of hair which is left untreated in most cases. The onset of graying possibilities correlates very closely with chronological ageing and can be seen in any gender regardless of their age. Premature cases of canities can occur due to autoimmune diseases that can cause the loss of pigmentation in hair follicles.

Ages affected - Between 20 and 30 - Often; Between 30 and 40 - More often; 40 and above - Most often


Symptoms may differ in individuals. Most of the patients have premature graying or hyper- pigmentation of their hair with reduced hair gain.

People may experience
Skin issues – Cysts formation or fibrosis
Baldness – balding or thinning of hair that is common
Self-esteem – Lowering of self-esteem with issues regarding balding


Self-Care: For balding or natural graying of hair, avoiding different chemical compounds or harsh hair treatments can be helpful.

Medications: For severe conditions, deep-rooted hair oils can be used to regain hair growth and management.

Specialists: For other kinds, consult a specialist. At mfine, we are here to offer you with a variety of services regarding your health issues. Download the mfine app and start consultation in under 60 seconds.

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