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Stretch Marks or Striae Distensae?


Striae Distensae is a condition of stretch marks, scars or disfiguring lesions. It is generally caused by stretching of the skin. It is not painful but it affects the appearance of the skin. Common causes include:

77% Indian women face severe stretch marks in third semester of pregnancy [3]

- Personal or family history
- Being pregnant
- Being overweight or obese
- Rapidly gaining or losing weight
- Usage of corticosteroid medicines

Stretch marks are usually diagnosed by a thorough examination of the skin and reviewing the medical history. The doctor may suggest additional tests if increased cortisol production is suspected.


The symptoms of striae include:
- Intended lines or streaks in the skin
- Streaks usually in red, pink, blue, black or purple
- Streaks that are bright but later fade to a lighter color
- Streaks present on the breasts, hips, thighs, abdomen or buttocks
- Streaks that mostly cover large areas of the body


These home remedies can help alleviate the occurrence of stretch marks:
- Maintaining a healthy weight
- Following a well-balanced diet
- Regular exercising
- Maintaining a healthy lifestyle post pregnancy
- Creams, Ointments, Lotions

The several treatment options available for treating striae distensae include:
- Retinoid cream
- Light and laser therapies
- Microdermabrasion

If treatment for stretch marks is sought, then one must consult a good dermatologist who can provide sound advice to reduce the appearance of stretch marks positively. We at mfine have a team of specialist doctors to help alleviate health issues. Speak to us for receiving the best treatment for faster recovery and relief from the specialists.

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