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Psychogenic erectile dysfunction

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to perform sexually or maintain an erection. This can be due several psychological factors, which range from childhood abuse and sexual trauma to stress, depression, and low self-esteem. Around 50% to 70% of men suffering from depression develop erectile dysfunction due to the stress of the disorder and because of the antidepressants prescribed. Erectile dysfunction is also another symptom of infertility in men.

Erectile dysfunction begins abruptly and differs from naturally occurring impotence. This potential cause of infertility can be treated if diagnosed by a counsellor or  andrologist. They can help identify what the underlying issues may be, thereby addressing a possible cause of infertility. This is important to remember as it is commonly believed that erectile dysfunction is not treatable, or has no known cause, and the discomfort surrounding conversation regarding inability to perform sexually prevents many from seeking treatment.

Consulting a medical professional to discuss the symptoms of infertility in men and symptoms of erectile dysfunction to get a concrete diagnosis can help with psychogenic erectile dysfunction. mfine offers online fertility consultation with some of the best fertility specialists in major cities all over India.

Symptoms and Causes:

Symptoms and causes of psychogenic erectile dysfunction and infertility in men include:

- Performance anxiety owing to relationship trouble, low self-esteem, body-image issues etc.

- Family, social, work, or financial stressors can contribute to the inability to perform sexually

- Communication problems

- Hormonal imbalance

- A lack of self-confidence

- Certain medications such as antidepressants

- Premature ejaculation

- Reduced libido because of age

- Illness

- Trauma caused to the testicular region


Self Care

The consumption of alcohol, drugs and smoking can impact sexual performance and should be avoided for this reason. Substance abuse not only leads to the inability to perform but can also become a cause of infertility. A healthy diet and regular exercise can also help improve and regulate sexual health. Self-care also includes mental health. Maintaining an open and honest conversation with your sexual partner can remove the burden of anxieties and unrealistic expectations. Counselling with a psychiatrist can also help in overcoming shortcomings and other issues related to self-esteem. A psychiatrist can also help identify and treat symptoms of depression and anxiety that also affect sexual health. Consulting a fertility specialist can also help to understand the effects of erectile dysfunction in the case of infertility in men.


You can use medicines such as vasodilators and hormones to help with erectile dysfunction. It is important to consult your doctor before taking these as they can cause unwanted side effects and drug interactions. In case you are taking medication for depression or anxiety, you should also speak with them regarding the effects of your medication on your sexual health and performance.


A psychiatrist will be able to help you identify the causative factors for the condition and ways to resolve the same. With the help of mfine, you can connect with expert physicians for a holistic treatment approach. After determining the symptoms of infertility, our expert fertility doctors online can recommend several of the top fertility specialists online. Find the best fertility doctors on mfine. Our doctors provide online fertility consultation and prepare a personalized preliminary treatment plan for patients with this sensitive condition.

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