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1. Know about the Causes, Symptoms & Treatment for Testicular Pain


A medical condition that brings discomfort in either or both the testicles.

About 85% of all testicular injuries are caused by blunt trauma (sports injuries, a direct kick or punch, car accidents, or straddle injuries). [1]

- Self-diagnosable
- Can be medically treated
- Does not necessarily require lab tests
- Midterm: can last for three months or longer

The testicles are extremely sensitive and are prone to pain for several reasons. The pain can arise from minor injuries, infection or swelling of the testicles, or even abdominal pain. Testicular pain may be acute if it is sudden and for a limited time period. It can be chronic if it is constant or intermittent and can last for months.

Testicular pain may also be indicative of a more serious problem like testicular cancer. However, this is rare.

Ages affected: Men and boys, adolescents to elderly


Symptoms include pain in either or both of the testicles, swelling, redness and testicle tenderness

People may experience:
Painful urination: There might be signs of blood in urine as well
Fever: Along with a slight probability of vomiting


Self-care: Using protective athletic gear can help soothe the pain. Ice can be used and warm baths in case of swelling.
Medication: Anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to relieve the pain. In case of a bacterial infection, an antibiotic course must be taken, as suggested by the doctor.
Specialists: For rare and extreme emergency cases, consult a urologist or a general surgeon. At mfine, you can find a range of doctors to choose from, for a wide array of health issues.

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