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Post Viral URTI And What You Can Do About It?


A condition where cough lingers on after 3 weeks even after recovery from a viral infection

25 out of every 100 people experience post-viral URTIs at some point in their lives (1)

- Goes away in two months
- May require the use of prescription medications
- May require chest X-rays and lab tests to rule out other illnesses

A common symptom of viral infections is cough but sometimes the coughing persists even after the infection goes away, sometimes persisting from 3 weeks to two months.


Symptoms range from hoarseness in voice, runny nose, lingering coughing after recovery from the infection, and frequently clearing the throat

People also experience

Common cold and sore throat
And any coughing that are linked to symptoms of other illnesses like croup and pneumonia


Self-care: Take warm baths, drink plenty of hot fluids, and avoid exposure to throat irritants like tobacco smoke and environmental pollution. Also, make sure to wash your hands properly before and after every meal and cover your mouth while coughing.

Medications: OTC Antihistamines, OTC decongestants, and cough suppressants may be prescribed to you by a certified doctor depending on the state of your condition.

Specialists: Consulting with a specialist will help you rule out other possible illnesses by undergoing an extensive diagnosis. At mfine, our healthcare specialists will guide you every step of the way and provide an effective treatment plan for your Post Viral URTI.

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