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Tonsils are two lymph nodes on the either side at the back of the throat that protect the body from infections. Acute Tonsillitis is the condition of the tonsils becoming infected. A general physician and a pediatrician are the specialists you need for the treatment of acute tonsillitis.
Acute Tonsillitis Symptoms
According to the specialists, there are multiple acute tonsillitis symptoms and some of them are as below:

Sore throat
Difficulty in swallowing
Scratchy voice
Bad breath
Fever and chills
Ear, head, and stomach aches
Stiff neck
Neck and jaw tenderness
Tonsils that appear red or have white spots

Acute Tonsillitis Causes
Among the acute tonsillitis causes is a bacterial or viral infection. The virus named Epstein-Barr can cause acute tonsillitis. Children come in contact of the virus through their school or playground. Thus, they are more susceptible to the germs of acute tonsillitis.
Diagnosing Acute Tonsillitis
The diagnosing of acute tonsillitis gets based on the physical examination of the throat. You need to visit a good general physician and a pediatrician to start the diagnosis at the earliest. Go to the best acute tonsillitis specialist near you and start the treatment. Avail all the details and get a thorough checkup.
Other Diseases Related To Acute Tonsillitis
There are several diseases that are related to acute tonsillitis. For instance, viral fevers are common in children who suffer from acute tonsillitis. You will also notice instances of strep throat or mononucleosis in the patients of acute tonsillitis. The fever coming from acute tonsillitis has at times symptoms similar to flu and common cold.
Treating Acute Tonsillitis
The minor cases of tonsillitis do not need treatment. However, acute tonsillitis treatment include antibiotics and in some cases, tonsillectomy. The specialists will run a checkup to know whether you need tonsillectomy.

The extensive range of listings of top-notch medical specialists ensures that you easily find acute tonsillitis doctors near you. The doctors will run a complete checkup and offer a course of treatment to get you back to health. With proper treatment, you will get cured in no time.

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