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Traumatic Nail Injury: All That You Need to Know


An injury caused to finger or toenail due to a huge blow.

Forming of nail occurs at approximately 10 weeks of intrauterine life from sole plate appearing on dorsum of each finger. (1)

- May need X-ray in case doctor wants to rule out any complications
- May need to use pain relievers
- Can occur to any person of any age group
- May result in subungual hematoma, that is, blood collection under the nail

Nails may be accidentally damaged or split due to traumatic nail injury. In case the trauma repeats, it may lead to deformities in the nail. If the issue persists and left untreated, nails may even change their color and the nail bed may also be lifted away.

Ages affected – Any person of any age group may be affected.


Traumatic nail injury may cause the nail to crack into several pieces and blood to clot or pool under your nail. The nail may also be torn off in some cases. In the case of redness, swelling or severe pain, contact your healthcare provider.

People may experience
Pain areas – Mild to severe pain around nails
Swelling – swelling and redness around the nail
Crack or lifting of nail bed – there may be crack on the nail bed or the entire nail bed may be lifted away.


Self-care: Hot or cold compress can be applied on the affected area. Apply bandage if necessary.

Medications: Physicians may advise X-ray of the nail area. Painkillers or tetanus is administered as required. In case of a fracture, the doctor may repair the nail.

Specialists: In case of any symptoms, consult your doctor. We at mfine provide you complete support with our total health program.

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